PlutoX Protocol

PlutoX Protocol is decentralized and anti rugpull exchange based on binance smart chain.

About PlutoX Protocol


No one can remove the liquidity pool

Liquidity locked forever

PLUTOX TOKEN ( $PLUX ) – Fastest & Easiest Way to Earn BUSD. $PLUX is a decentralized, hyper reflection and hyper deflation BEP-20 token, which was created to earn BUSd quickly and securely. Anti Scam & Rugpull mechanism

What is the $PLUXs token?

Liquidity locked forever

100% tokens decentralized

No dev wallet

3% BUSD rewards from every transaction

About Us

$PLUXs system keeps tokens from scam & rugpull


100% Token in liquidity pools

90% on pancakeswap

10% on pluxswap


Total supply 1,000,000,000
Ticker $PLUXs
Decimal 8
TAX buy 8%
Sell 8%


3% reflection in BUSD
4% Marketing
1% burn


3% reflection in BUSD
4% marketing
1% burn


Roadmap $PLUXs


Our Team

PlutoX dev team is decentralized and anonymous virtual community.

Our mission is make the decentralized finance world safer and accessible to everyone.

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